About Us

Company Profile

Solar Experts is a company engaged in design, consultancy, integration, supply, installation and maintenance of solar equipments. We aim to provide our customers tailor made, worry free, high performance packages- be it for private or commercial roofs. All our products are MNRE(Ministry of New and Renewable Energy), Government of India approved which enables us to get all projects approved and directly claim subsidy on behalf of our clients.

We Make Our Customers' Life Easier
Solar Experts aims to deliver the best possible technology and solutions for energy needs of an individual and a business alike to become a valued partner in the growth of the sustainable energy sector. Solar energy systems that are well thought-out from beginning to end, that save time and hassle, and that satisfy customers. That's exactly what SOLAR EXPERTS system solutions do, speeding up the planning process and eliminating delays.

Solar Experts understands that the depleting natural resources have increased energy needs of the world which have posed a problem which can only be solved by non conventional energy sources.

By maintaining our main goal to conserve the environment through generating clean, sustainable and efficient energy, a greener future for all mankind can be ensured.

We take the responsibility to increase awareness in renewable energy sector and assist households and business owners to 'Go Green' thus reducing their operational costs while reducing the burden on the natural resources ensures a win-win situation

Vision & mission

Electricity forms the roots of the modern civilization. Our ultimate goal would be to provide safe, clean and affordable alternative energy to all people around the nation. We are convinced that solar energy will become a major pillar of sustainable power generation in the near future.
Developing customer tailored energy solutions shall establish:

  • Efficiency
  • Reliability
  • Energy Independence


Solar Experts has full-fledged state-of-the-art manufacturing and testing facilities which are spread over an expansive area of 4800 sq. meters at Industrial Area, Mohali. Following is an insight into our hi-tech facilities.

Production: We have well equipped machines/assembly shops facilitated with the latest CNC machines & host of special purpose machines for better precision & better quality of the products. Product innovation and assembly occurs under the supervision of talented and experienced engineers; who are largely responsible for our flawless and quality products.

Testing: Testing facilities at Solar Experts are well-equipped and strictly follow controlled procedures and rigorous testing of all our products ensures safety, performance and reliability.

Financial overview

India's largest solar company, Solar Expert Systems Limited is also one of the fastest-growing solar solutions providers in the country.


Solar expert's quality promise: At Solar Experts, we are committed to achieving world-class product quality and reliability. Our products conform to absolute top quality which go through stringent quality control tests and meet the highest standards. We expect our entire workforce as well as our suppliers to deliver the highest quality products, solutions and services that are worthy of our customers' trust and that enables our products to positively affect lives around the nation. Commitment to continual quality improvement and customer satisfaction is an essential ingredient within the company's cultures and values. This commitment is a fundamental part of our processes and systems. We commit to deliver our customers with the best after-sale services with a designated team to cater to our clients' needs.

Solar experts provides

Solar viability study: We provide a simplified design and economic analysis at relatively low cost for clients considering a solar installation

Monitoring and performance evaluation: We provide monitoring and performance evaluation of installed solar projects to confirm system performance and energy delivery.

Automatic Controls:Fully automatic PLC controls with digital boards designed for forced circulation systems are provided by us.

Provisions and pre requisites:Shadow free south facing area for collector Cold water tank at 8 feet height from roof level for non pressurized solar systems Architectural roof plan required for better designing of the system.

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